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Cameron Brown

Assistant Business Manager

When customers compliment us on how well we've done I feel immense pride knowing that we've made such a positive difference.

  • You could have chosen anywhere. Why Andrews?

    The Estate Agency industry can often be viewed as sales focused, impersonal and uncaring. Andrews, however, is different. Andrews has charity at its core leading to integrity, transparency and service. From my first interview through to the present day, I have been welcomed in to the team and delighted with the people I have worked with. The management team are genuinely focused on your individual professional development. This originates from, and is transferred to, the fantastic Andrews training programme where staff are coached by, in my opinion, some of the best trainers around. When considering why Andrews is different, the factors listed above were of particular importance to me and I didn't feel the same confidence when I was considering other companies to work for.

  • What do you tell people who ask what you do?

    An Estate Agent (on the sales side) at Andrews in Westbury-on-Trym. I value and take properties onto the market for sale, negotiate offers, advise on the selling process, liaise with solicitors during the conveyancing process and assist in driving the branch forward to generate new business.

  • If no two days are the same, what makes it special for you?

    The job is fast paced, people orientated and at times high intensity. Working with the general public in a target based environment means you have to be swift to adapt to new situations and be able to think quickly. Satisfaction is gained by helping people through what can be a difficult and stressful time of their lives. When customers compliment us on how well we've done I feel immense pride. Knowing that we've made such a positive difference - this is very special for me.

  • Give us your ‘Top 3’ favourite things about working for Andrews?
    1. The people
    2. The spirit
    3. The training
  • What’s been your biggest achievement?

    Winning the highest number of Andrews Mortgage sign-ups for the entire company in 2016.

  • What’s been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome this?

    Preparing for the application, training process and interview for the Assistant Branch Manager position in April 2018. Having been on the training course and completed three assignments, I have been organising out of business hours, collating material for my presentation, my personal statistics and my application form. I have sought advice from the relevant people and fully utilised all resources in and out of the office.

  • Tell us about the training and development

    The training programme sets Andrews apart from other companies. Everyone who joins Andrews Property Group attends the first session called 'Welcome to Andrews', this sets out the ethos of Andrews and introduces new staff to how we operate. Following this, there are a number of sessions for new trainees to give them a grounding about how to use our IT system, an introduction to those elements regarding property law we should be aware of, and addresses the process of booking viewings, negotiating offers and liaising with customers. Throughout your career at Andrews there are regular coaching sessions and workshops for professional development - these more advanced sessions include 'The Art of Negotiation', 'Psychology of Selling' and 'At The Property'. There are also further programmes for those moving up through management.

    I believe Andrews has some of the best training staff in any company, not just the best out of all Estate Agents. They are very thorough and extremely supportive whilst simultaneously being engaging and informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my training (from 'Welcome to Andrews' to the Assistant Branch Managers' training) and feel renewed inspiration to succeed after attending the sessions.

  • How would you describe ‘The Spirit of Andrews’?

    Andrews is charity based company founded by Cecil Jackson Cole who was an entrepreneur and humanitarian associated with charities including Oxfam, Help the Aged and Action Aid. A strong sense of pride from our heritage is apparent from staff at Andrews - we transfer this by ensuring we act with integrity and have a focus on customer service in doing the best for our clients. It is clear that managers are driven to enhance professional development of their staff. I have found their constant support and expert knowledge of the industry invaluable to me as I'm developing in to a manager. This individual focus on staff is unfortunately overlooked by a large number of companies, but not Andrews. The Andrews Property Group strap line is 'Refreshingly Reassuring' which sums up how we use the latest approaches to Estate Agency to provide the best service.

  • What do you need to be successful at Andrews?

    With Andrews' training being so sophisticated, the first thing you need is to be willing to mould yourself to the techniques given to you in training sessions, and put these into practice in 'the field' (i.e. in the office and/or with customers). This also applies to the values and integrity Andrews is proud of - you must demonstrate that you are fully supportive of the Andrews way. You need to have a customer focused mind and be happy to immerse yourself in your role to exceed the expectations of your customers. You need to be extremely organised as any successful Estate Agent should be, and have excellent presentation and interpersonal skills. At Andrews, professional development is of paramount importance, therefore having a vision of where you want to be is a good goal for both yourself and managers to aspire to help you achieve. Finally, enjoying and thriving in a team based environment will help you go a long way, after all, people are the company's most valuable asset.

  • If you knew someone who was going to apply to Andrews, what would you say to them?

    Andrews, without doubt, is a wonderful company to work for – from its core values of integrity, transparency and service, to the people you work with. Be prepared to work hard, but with the comprehensive training programme on offer and support from colleagues, you are in the best possible position to find success. I am thoroughly enjoying my career at Andrews and strongly recommend you discover this for yourself.


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